Event Management

We are event specialists and we provide all event  related support from media relations, content creation, budget , planning, theme, schedule and all possible activities prior to the event on your behalf. With us you can relax knowing your work is under the supervision of well trained expert.

Public Relations

We will help you create great relations with the your potential clients, the government , media and the public in general.


Need any advice or help in issues related to your business? this is why we are here , to help your business grow by providing valuable & professional highlights,ideas and considerations in certain areas of your business.

Marketing Consultancy

Do you have a product or service that is struggling to reach the target market? We have a solution for you , being experts in matters related to the public we can help you create great marketing strategies to reach and attract your target clients and gain recognition in the market.

Human Resource

We understand that sometimes dealing with Human Resource issues in the organization can be tiring and stressful, we have the possible solution in helping your company deal with such issues from the legal aspect, to the company policies and compliance.

Our Team

Diana Simon Laizer

Chief Executive Officer

Any business starts with one person who seeks to bring a positive change while enduring all the negativity that comes along in achieving the aimed goal. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Human    Resource Management from Tumaini University Dar-es-salaam College with various trained skills in other related fields such as Marketing where as  she participated in different  activities as well as  attended international trade markets (WTM -London, Indaba- South    Africa) winning various beauty pageant    contests as well as partnered in different  event management activities which all together developed brilliant skills in the fields related to Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing & Event Planning. Our founder is self driven, hard working, absolute great team leader.

Albert George Makoye

Managing Director

A good business leader strong willed, compassionate, active & punctual. Our Managing Director relentlessly creates drive into completion, passionately builds, owns and articulates the vision which is a great drive force to the team. Having 20 years of experience in Event Management, being the chief of operations for Miss Tanzania in the past 24 years, Albert has great marketing, public relations and event related skills. Albert is self driven, strong willed, hardworking all together with being a pioneer in the related fields, he oversees all operations and activities by the rest of the team.

Vianney King

Legal Officer & HR

A better successful business ,a happy world and a satisfied customer is a result of great HR practices and policies. Holding a strong education background starting form Bachelors Degree of Law – St Augustine University Tanzania. Post Graduate Diploma in legal practice – Law School of Tanzania. Masters of laws in Taxation -University of Dar-es-salaam. Our legal and Human Resources officer delivers the thrive of innovative and people centric approach of our HR activities , making this possible by attracting , developing and retaining the best talent.

Phillios G Lemi

Sales & Marketing Executive

Our Agency’s marketers are impactifully entrepreneurs in sustainable marketing. Holding a Bachelor in  Marketing from college of Business Education (CBE) Phillios delivers the best results form her professional marketing skills attained during the years of her career as well as collective gained experience from various activities in relation to the public management such as participating and winning various beauty pageants believed to have developed excellent  public speaking skills and awareness from.

Walter Emmanuel

Digital & Content Creator

In the everyday evolving world of science and technology, digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels, therefore rising the need of quality content in the digital platform is inevitable. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science alongside other working experiences. Walter provides the best strategies and digital content creation suitable to match the technology needs in the current environment of digital marketing.

Jastin Ndossi

Informations & Operations Manager

A brilliant IM strategy assures that the information, assests for the business are stored classified,curated, organized and delivered to the right person at the right time. Holding a Diploma in Information Management – Tumaini University Jastin provides the best flow of information, updates and followups necessary for the day to day operations of the business. Strong willed , responsive, self determined in achieving all his assignment.

John Kombe

Creatives and Content Manager
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